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What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a live show developed by Evolution. It was released in June 2020. Slot is completely live with a dealer, that’s why it attracts a lot of users. The slot also has several types of bonus game, so the maximum payout per spin can be up to x20,000 or 500,000 BRL.

crazy time brazil

Game Interface

The action of the slot takes place in a colorful and bright studio, which has a wheel in the center. The interior design will appeal to even the most sophisticated gamblers. Like any other Evolution Gaming product (such as Dream Catcher), Crazy Time in Brazil offers the perfect combination of real and virtual worlds. You will be able to place bets in real time using high-tech software, as well as customize the interface the way you want.

crazy time game interface

Basic Crazy Time Brazil Rules

When creating this slot, the developers improved the gameplay and mechanics without complicating the process. The casino’s rules are quite simple, so even a beginner can figure it out without any hints. Just review these rules to roughly understand the game.

  1. Essential rule is the bet’s time. You only have 15 seconds to accept bets in Crazy Time. As a result, make certain that you were able to place a wager.
  2. Bets are from 0.1 to 5,000 coins. If you do not have enough funds, the slot will remind you before the start.
    crazy time low balance
  3. Bets can be made on any sector shown. You can choose as many as you want. It’s possible to place bets on both account numbers and bonuses simultaneously.
  4. Spins are unlimited; you can do as many as you want or as much as your budget allows (but remember about responsible casino gambling and laws).

Crazy Time Game in Brazil Features

Crazy Time is a rather unusual game that attracts attention with its interesting features. For instance, right during the Crazy slot, you can chat with other players or write to the support service!

crazy time chat

Of course, these are not all the slot’s features:

  • Lobby. You have the opportunity to simultaneously follow the slot and view the available slots.
    crazy time lobby
  • Limits and payouts. You can find all the information on winnings and bets right during the game. This is convenient, because it allows you to find out the necessary information with opened slot.
  • Crazy Time history. Here you will find all your previous bets with dates and Crazy Time results. This can help players to improve their strategies/tactics get the winning.
    crazy time results
  • Settings. These are the features that will help you enjoy the casino anytime, anywhere. You can change the dealer’s volume, the video quality, etc while Crazy Time live stream.

How to Play a Crazy Time Game?

crazy time next game

  1. After opening an account and replenishing it, you can go to Crazy Time live casino rooms with real dealers. From 0.1 to 5000 coins are put on the line, so both beginners with a minimum budget and VIP guests with an unlimited bankroll can play.
  2. Bets are placed on eight symbols: numbers (1, 2, 5 and 10) and/or four bonus rounds (Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time). You can bet on just one option or all of them if you wish. You have 15 seconds to place your bet (watch the countdown timer). Make sure you place your bets before the time allotted for this has ended, and be sure to take this process seriously.
  3. After the professional Evolution Gaming, regulated in Great Britain, croupier Crazy Time casinos launches the Wheel of Luck with 54 cells of all sizes. Simultaneously the top panel also moves.
  4. In case you get winning with numbers, it will have an applied multiplier called Top Spin. This money will be immediately credited to your account. If you get a bonus round, according game will start.

Bet Options

The game offers two betting options: regular and auto. If your goal is to make money using a certain Crazy Time strategy, you will pick the desired sector, bet, and set autoplay. Thus, you won’t have to try to make a bet within 15 seconds.

Maximum And Minimum Multipliers

In order to calculate winning amount, you should know about multiplier as a special bonus type that allows only players to significantly increase the total amount. The minimum multiplier is x1, and the maximum multiplier is x50. However, for a single bet, it can be x20,000. Sounds impossible, but it can be real if you win a Triple in the Crazy Time bonus game.

What Are My Chances of Winning?

To assess your chances of winning, it is worth considering the RTP (ReturnToPlayer). It is measured as a percentage. Accordingly, the higher the better, because RTP stands for the statistical probability of winning. However, do not think that if the RTP is 98%, then the probability of winning will be high. It just means that, with a huge number of spins (examples, 10,000), the user will receive 98% of their corresponding bet spot back in the form of winnings.

Crazy Time RTP

Track casino Crazy Time offers a theoretical RTP of 96.08%, but this value is subject to change. It changes depending on the segment dropped randomly. The indicated RTP is the highest value among the rest, and it belongs to the segment with the number 1. You can see the RTP table in detail below.

Segment RTP
1 96.08%
2 95.95%
5 95.78%
10 95.73%
Cash Hunt 95.27%
Pachinko 94.33%
Coin Flip 95.70%
Crazy Time 94.41%


Bonus Games In The Crazy Time Slots

How many bonus games Crazy Time gambling has? It is four bonus games. In the Wheel of Fortune, some of these rounds appear more often than others and are the ones you are most likely to land on. A Coin Flip has 4 compartments, Pachinko and Cash Hunt have 2, and Crazy Time has 1. The frequency of occurrence depends on the value of the possible wins, as the online casino Crazy Time bonus has a higher payout than the rest. Thereafter, you are least likely to get it.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery with x2 sectors (if the usual base game has 54, then this slot has 108). When playing Cash Hunt, you will need to identify the symbol you want to bet on, possibly by noting the row and column number. Then use the cannonball to target the indicated symbol. This feature adds to the charm of the game round, and the accompanying animation helps balance suspense and excitement. Once you have confirmed the number, release the canon to reveal your prize.

Pachinko Bonus Game

The dealer throws the ball against the pachinko wall using physical pegs. The ball bounces several times, hitting the pegs and moving in different directions before landing on the prize at landing zone. The Pachinko bonus game has gifts in the form of clothespins at the screen’s bottom. Before the process starts, the word “doubling” or different multipliers is added. The ball is dropped by the host from a random spot on the large screen, sometimes the ball will land on the double icon. When this happens, the multipliers on the pegs doubles and the host repeats the process. This doubling process can be repeated multiple times, giving a x10,000 chance of winning. If it lands on a x2, x3, or x4 multiplier values, you will receive a rescue. In that case, the dealer throws his ball again. Pachinko bonus game is attractive because it is impossible to tell where on landing zones the ball will land, which allows you to win. The bonus game originates in Japan, where the ball hits the prize.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

Coin Flip includes the heads and tails basics, but with a red and blue side. It will probably be frequent in Crazy Time wheel. Before the dealer starts, multipliers are revealed for the two colors. After button is pressed by host and a coin is automatically flipped. The color the puck lands on chooses the round winner. This gives you a multiplier according to the coin’s color. You can win up to x5,000 of your stake. It automatically returns to the main screen after the largest multiplier is awarded, unless you have received a low one. At this point, you get a saving throw that will help you.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The croupier passes through a red door, behind which is a fun virtual world with an amusement park with trains, roller coasters, and other attractions. While you may want to enjoy everything that is available, the focus should be on the main money wheel. In order to increase the players’ interest, game presenter offer creative ways to spin the wheel. Win up to 20,000 times your stake by playing this bonus. To play Crazy Time bonus, choose a color from the three presented ones: green, blue, and yellow. After picking one, turn the wheel. Red button is preessed by host, and you wait for your prizes. After that, you win everything that the cracker lands on, except when it gets double/triple sections. Thus, you can re-spin the wheel. This increased playing period allows you to enjoy the game for longer. Simultaneously, it improves your chances of winning the jackpot.

Video Slot

Do not forget about a video slot. If the multiplier for any of the bonus games falls into this, the winnings must be multiplied (of course, according to face value). Such luck will allow the player to get a much larger win in Crazy Time.

Crazy Time Casino Game: Main Peculiarities

crazy-time game main peculiarities

  • The main feature of Crazy Time casino game is the integration of several advanced technologies into one slot, such as random number generator, augmented reality, video slots, and video game elements.
  • A chic circus-style environment, unusual for other live casino games.
  • There are many bonus features that allow you to wager funds and significantly increase your winnings.
  • Additional slots with multipliers were also created to help players.
  • Excellent customization options. You can determine what volume you need and what video quality is most convenient for you right during the game.
  • Professional presenters. They know exactly how to keep the viewer’s interest using their charisma.
  • High RTP percentage (96.08%), which shows the slot as a casino that anyone can win.
  • Simple Crazy Time gameplay, which allows even beginners without experience in the live casino games to start playing. Everything is intuitive, but if you have any doubts, it is better to read the rules first.

Payouts for Crazy Time

payouts for crazy time

The payouts in Crazy Time are an exciting and enjoyable moment for every player. The pleasure from the game’s process cannot compete with the range of feelings when receiving a cash prize. The RTP of a slot machine indicates that you have a high chance of winning. But it’s essential to know the features of payouts. In Crazy Time, standard payouts are distributed according to segments.

  • Payout for winning segment in 1: 1:1
  • Payout for winning in 2 segments: 2:1
  • Payout for winning in 5 segments: 5:1
  • Payout for winning in 10 segments: 10:1
  • The maximum payout in all segments: BRL 500,000.

Strategies to Win in Crazy Time Brazil

People frequently try to figure out how to make money in the slot machine. Often this is useless, because casino games like Crazy Time are mostly based on chance, so it is difficult to identify a certain pattern. But avid players find ways to win more often.

First: Bonus Bet

You can random bet spot on 1, 2, 5, and 10 as well as on Cash Hunt Pachinko Coin Flip and Crazy Time. The more segments you bet on, the more likely you are to win. Try to split bets into segments and into bonuses. This way, you will get more significant opportunities to win no matter where the Crazy Time wheel stops.

Second: Caution

The goal is to increase the winnings gradually in small steps and not to worry a lot. You will not win big money in a short period, but gradually increase the size of the deposit. The essence is to increase the probability of falling out on simple sectors x1, x2, x5. Since the chance of falling out on them in total is more than 75%, it turns out that in 2 games out of 3, you have a chance to recapture the one random bet spot. Due to the sector’s multiplier, which is spinning at the top, you will earn large winnings. That amount will lead to an increase in the game score. Hence, by betting x2 on the sector, you get x7 from the sector multiplier. So you already have x14.

Third: Goal Justifies the Risk

The aim is to get a win from the maximum number of sectors. Place the minimum bet on everything at once. First and foremost, make sure that your gaming account balance is sufficient for such Crazy Time tactics. Note that the main losses will be repaid at the expense of small gains. This tactic is designed for a larger number of total bet, which will lead to an increased chance of getting a bonus game. This is achieved because welcome bonus levels can reach multipliers of x20,000. So it pays off all the funds invested before. Of course, this is a more risky strategy than the previous option, but the winnings will be much higher. Foolishness will be a problem here.

Fourth: Fortune Favors the Bold

This strategy is designed for individuals who are confident in their account and are not afraid of taking risks. You must be sure that you can afford it financially. Spend only a significant amount on most popular games, without spending deposits on small sectors. Accordingly, you win back significant amounts. Remarkably, you will be able to choose one of three indicators in the very first draw of the Crazy Time sector. This will allow you to increase your guaranteed win.

Crazy Time Game: Pros & Cons

Online live casino games for money are presented for every taste. Why should you choose Crazy Time? There are several good reasons:

The Evolution Gaming studio’s developers worked on the slot’s creation for more than 12 months, which shows the quality of the game;

Crazy Time project became the most expensive in the provider’s history;

✅ This live game has elements of computer games, one-armed bandit simulators, augmented reality, and additional multipliers. Playing in a live casino game becomes profitable and interesting at the same time;

✅ The slot RTP is high enough, which allows you to increase your chances of winning;

✅ The game combines various modern features that make it memorable and convenient for a person of any age and status.

Unfortunately, there is a fly in the ointment of Crazy Time:

❌ Less interaction with the dealer because he is preoccupied;

❌ Players may be distracted by the uploaded image and background.


What is the Maximum Win?

"Maximum win" is the amount of money which can be won by any player in Crazy Time. This win fully depends on the bet amount. That's why the win is indicated by both money and multiplier. So, the maximum win is the deposit multiplied by 20,000, but not more than BRL 500,000.

What is the Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit is the minimum amount that allows the user to start the Crazy Time game. By betting on it, you can test the game without losing a large amount. In Brazil, the minimum deposit is BRL 0.1 (but sometimes it depends on the casino company).

What is the Game Number?

Crazy Time offers several game numbers in its wheel spin. These numbers are called "game numbers". Each of them is unique and has their own features. The game numbers are 1, 2, 5, and 10.

What is the Crazy Time RTP?

RTP is a percentage that shows how much money a player can return. Usually, all machines with RTP of 95%+ are excellent. Fortunately, Crazy Time is a great slot in this aspect.

Is There a Chat in the Online Game?

Yes, the developers have made sure that you do not feel lonely during the game. While playing Crazy Time, you can communicate with both ordinary people playing along with you and with support if you need help with certain issues.

What do Statistics Mean in the Game Interface?

The Crazy Time stats during the game process shows helpful information. This allows you to see the frequency of winning and to create some strategies in order to get winning.

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